”You should first love yourself before you can love another.” That’s what we hear and read all the time nowadays. But what does this actually mean, ”loving yourself?” What is Self-love? The clearest and shortest explanation for me are just two words: self-acceptance and self-worth. 

For most of us, accepting ourselves just as we are is not something that comes naturally. Often there’s this inner critic that asks a lot attention.”I shouldn’t have said that.” ”I’m so stupid.” ”Nobody loves me.” ”Why can’t I just do it!” This critic voices are such a big influence on our relationship with others. And how we feel in daily life. This critic can make us feel unsatisfied, lonely or even depressed. Instead of judging ourselves all the time, feeling guilt, self-criticism and self-hate, practicing Self-love teaches us how to be gentle for ourselves. Like we are for a little child.

We are innocent. We can’t make mistakes. We just live. We try. We try harder. We grow. We can’t be wrong. We are who we are in this moment. And that’s perfect. If we can connect with that loving, all-embracing feeling, we soften immediately. We feel a deep compassion and peace. 

It’s all oke. I’m all oke. And to understand that, to really feel that, is Self-love. This is the deepest – and always available – medicine agains all pains. 

That’s why I set up the Self-love healing challenge. Join Heartha on Facebook from August 1st until August 31 for more inspiration about Self-Love or just mail me if you would like to experience a Self-Love healing. My intent is to give one every day!

(Much love to my International Healing Network for the inspiration)