In need for some relaxation and nourishment for your body and soul? Monday the 20th of February I will give my very very last yoga class at Wellness 1926. After 5 months my pop-up yoga school adventure here has come to an end and I would love to celebrate this in a special way: rogether with harpist Sari van Brug. My ”sweet Hatha yoga class” will be guided by Sari’s hypnotising harp play. Together they will create a deeply nourishing evening to rejunivate and tune in with your own love & light.

Sari played her beloved instrument since she was 6 years old. She graduated from the conservatorium and recently started to work together with yogi’s. The peaceful and soothing sound of the harp is helping people to really tune in with themselves on a deeper level. Find more info about Sari here.

“With Eveline’s hatha yoga, I discovered a new form of calm and relaxation. Her classes are more minfulnessbased and inspire a sense of selfconsciousness that give strength and ease even in the days that follow post yoga practise. This really is a unique chance to learn about your own mental and physical wellbeing from an experienced yoga instructor.”

“Thank you so much for this gentle and kind, soft and challenging in the same moment, class. Going slowly deep and even deeper into each asana, you’ve chosen very well for this morning class, was one of my personal challenges. I remember myself feeling well guided through your tender voice. Like a passionate storyteller you took me on a journey to my inner child, my essence and wisdom. WOW.”

Price: 15 euro’s including mat and tea. (Cash)
Location: Welness 1926, Halmaheirastraat 28 Amsterdam Oost
Reserve your spot by e-mailing before the 20th of februari please.
Limited spots available so dont wait to long. :)

Thanks a lot and looking forward to welcome you the 20th of februari. ?

Eveline & Sari