Have you ever asked yourself: do I love me? Like.. really, all of it? My whole body, my fears and even my struggles and irritations?

This whole month I focus on SELF LOVE. Because it’s the essence. If we don’t love all of us, it will be reflected in the outside world. We get conflicts, feel not seen, not happy, insecure, not loved..

Lately I experience some parts of myself that are difficult to look at and accept. Like emotions as jealousy, sadness and some tummy fat. ;) And that’s what self love is all about: to embrace the whole of yourself, to accept and nourish EVERYTHING. Inside and out.

That’s why I started this challange. Embracing all is not that easy for most of us…! Everyone can use a little help once in a while. To love more, and therefore be able to live more freely and happy at heart. And then we can manifest it outward.

This august I will give Self love healings EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not only to myself, but also to other people who think they can use some loving support. A selflove healing connects you with your true self, your all-embracing soul, and it lets the love of your soul shine trough your whole system. It helps you to look at your non-supporting believes and opens your eyes and heart to wisdom and truth.

Are you interested in joining me in LOVE? Join the self love Facebook event for inspiration and sharings.

Interested in a Self Love healing? (YES also for you living abroad) I made a special SELF LOVE August offer to spread as much LOVE as possible: 25 euro’s for a self love energy healing session of 35 minutes. (Normally 1hr – 60 euro’s.) This healing can take place at Heartha in Amsterdam Oost or: trough the ether (yes, distance healing) if you live far away. DM me of Facebook or contact eveline@heartha.nl for a SELF LOVE HEALING.

Do you like my challenge? I would be super grateful if you can share or invite friends who you think can need some love. ♥

Be the love, share the love.


xxx Eveline