Do you ( over)think or worry too much and do you want to feel more free and light? Are you not always as confident as you want to be? Are you ready to choose happiness and walk YOUR path? This is the retreat for you. 

This last minute retreat to the sun in Portugal, Algarve, will be all about increasing awareness around ‘how’ we do the things we do. By pulling out plastic from Mama earth, we create time and space to reflect on our thoughts and patterns. With this awareness we can liberate ourselves from reoccurring patterns and behaviors that do not serve us. At the same time we will plant healthy seeds for the future with help of horses, nature, off grid experience, silence, ceremony, song and cacao.

Do you feel the last minute call? Stop overthinking, and come with us!

For 5 days, each morning we begin the day together by setting our intentions and connecting with the theme of the day. After the light physical work and breakfast (both in silence) each individual gets space and attention to share their findings and to reflect on them in a group sharing session, where through talking, sharing, breathing together we create space to reclaim the power over our stories and believes, to change them.

After siësta we come together to practice what we’ve discovered in the mornings. Each afternoon and evening we have an activity/ceremony where we sing, dance, play, to transcend and embody the awareness in the way we express ourselves. The afternoon/evening program exist out of breath work, cacao ceremonies, walking with horses, voice liberation and other exercises that bring us back to the core of our being and believes.


10.15 sharing

12.30 lunch


17.00 ceremony/activity + light meal *

20.30 evening prayer

21.00 bed time

05.00 waking up – tea

05.30 morning prayer – connecting with the theme of the day

06.00 start with work in silence

07.30 tea + writing

08.00 work in silence

09.00 breakfast in silence 

* cacao- and hapéceremonies, voice liberation, ecstatic dancing, breathing exercises, walk with horses – sound healing, music sessions-dance-beach-forest-photo session

8th – 25th august 2019 / Algarve, Portugal. Bookings until 20th of august.

We love to support you in your journey. Join us for a transformative week with a group of 10, close to nature and close to our own minds and hearts.

Eva and Charlotte. More info on our retreat website or Reflective Restoration Facebook event!