Yes, the time has come to travel again! I’m leaving for Costa Rica (yes, one of the most happiest countries in the world!) for six weeks on the 2nd of March, to breathe in some good ass prana and fauna! It will not be just a holiday. Next to some farming work, I am planning to give long distance energy healings while traveling. These long distance healings have the same intensity as IRL, only during these sessions I will also tune in with the ‘Pura Vida’, grounding, relaxing and abundant energies that are the heart of Costa Rica.

With an energy healing I can help you to release stress and anxiety and tune in with your heart and your own love on the deepest level possible. I will be grateful to be your guide to love & light and all the good that wants to come your way in exchange for some financial support on my travel. :) Costs (35 min. healing) are 30 euro’s incl. VAT.

If you feel attracted by my message please send me a message on Heartha Facebook or email! If you know someone who might benefit of an energy healing in the upcoming weeks, please share this blog. See you soon? :)

Love and blessings,