Please join me and Justina the 27th of october for a heartwarming cacao ceremony & song circle at Thrive yoga! So excited for this event. It is a honour to be able to host a ceremony in such a beautiful, much prayed in place and to have the owner Marco of Thrive joining us!
This cacao ceremony will be place to slow down, realign and connect with our senses and heart. In this linear world we are living, sitting in circle and sharing song, prayer and cacao is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. There are many different ways to do a ceremony. Me and Justina start the ceremony with setting intentions together and guide you into a deeper connection with yourself trough meditation, heart songs and playful voice activations.  Nothing so powerful as expressing ourselves trough the voice. This ceremony is a safe space to feel free to really be you. You don’t have to. There is space for singing, play, silence, prayer, a tear and a smile.

A ceremony with Eva and Justina is a blend of Indian devotion and Southern spice. Eva has a background in voice liberation and cacao ceremony. She traveled through Mexico to learn about the medicine of cacao and hosted ceremonies all over Central America. Justina is known for her deep connection with Kirtan, singing mantras on a daily basis and hosting singing circles with her group “Living Light” in Amsterdam.

The Cacao that I serve is an organic and sustainable cacao paste (no sugar added) from the South of Mexico. In these lands the Olmecs miraculously discovered how to make a chocolate drink out of the cacao fruit. Later, the Aztecs used cacao in their rituals. Theobroma Cacao was so precious to them (cacao beans where used as money) that only the royals and elite had excess to the elixr. In the last 25 years the cacao drink has made its comeback in the spiritual community all over the world.

It is known as “the medicine of the heart” and is used to connect us deeper into ourselves. It physically increases your blood flow and makes the body release happy hormones as dopamine and endorfine. The PEA in cacao increases our focus and creativity. You can use cacao for deepening meditation, yoga, massage or creative experiences as writing, artwork, dance and singing. The modern cacao ceremony is probably nothing like an ancient cacao ceremony (there is not a lot of information about these ancient ceremonies). But one thing remained throughout all these centuries: the magical effect of consuming this fruit of the Amazon.

We welcome you to unveil her mysteries together.

We recommend to not drink coffee on the day of ceremony, have a light meal at least 2 hours before and bring your own water bottle.

Studio: Amsterdam Oost
Costs: 30,- (Month Members 27,50)


For tickets: see the event page of Thrive yoga!