For many years my voice was blocked. Why was I so shy? So fearful to express myself? Why couldn’t I just sing my favourite song in the shower when my boyfriend was listening? 

I felt frustrated and sad, because something inside of me was craving to be expressed. It took me 10 years of practise and a lot of Self-love. I started with singing lessons (from opera to jazz), subscribed to many courses (Selma Susanna, Voice Liberation), and learned how to play the guitar. During that period I also started to go to singing circles and host them in my home. 

The singing circles is where the fun really started for me. To playfully connect with music! Improvising and feeling the pure joy of singing how I felt it, with or without shame. I discovered this is one of my favorite things in the world: share music, improvise, play together and support eachother on our path to open up our hearts & voices.

Want to discover the joy of singing? Playfully discover your musicality? I invite all of you: shy birds, singing birds and free birds, Saturday the 14th into my home to connect once again with the beautiful medicine of cacao & music! 

– Ceremonial cacao ritual
– Chakra voicing meditation 
– Singing mantras & heartsongs together 
– Playfully improvise 
– Voice liberation
– Honest communication: sharing from the heart

Cacao is known for its ability to uplift your mood by releasing ”happy hormones” and to open your heart chakra. The chocolate will help you to relax, tune in with your heart and body and to sing more freely.

I will serve you a ‘Xocolatl’, a sacred drink, originally brew by the Mayans and Aztecs thousands of years ago. The recipe is simple: hot cacao, water and some chille. I am happy to serve you this drink with a ceremonial blend cacao, that I’ve taken with me from Guatemala and Mexico. 

For more info please check the event on Facebook. 

Reservation is needed. Please let me know if you are coming by sending me an DM on Facebook or send an email to

Con Amor,