Pura Vida long distance energy healings

Yes, the time has come to travel again! I'm leaving for Costa Rica (yes, one of the most happiest countries in the world!) for six weeks on the 2nd of March, to breathe in some good ass prana and fauna! It will not be just a holiday. Next to some farming work, I am planning to give long distance energy healings while traveling. These long distance healings have the same intensity as IRL, only during these sessions I will also tune in with the 'Pura Vida', grounding, relaxing and abundant energies that are the heart of...

Soothing Hatha yoga class with live Harp music by Sari van Brug

In need for some relaxation and nourishment for your body and soul? Monday the 20th of February I will give my very very last yoga class at Wellness 1926. After...

What is Self-love? How to stop self-criticsm

''You should first love yourself before you can love another.'' That's what we hear and read all the time nowadays. But what does this actually mean, ''loving yourself?'' What is Self-love? The clearest and shortest explanation for me are just two words: self-acceptance and self-worth.

For most of us, accepting ourselves just as we are is not something that comes naturally. Often there's this inner critic that asks a lot attention.''I shouldn't have said that.'' ''I'm so stupid.'' ''Nobody loves me.'' ''Why can't I just do it!'' This critic voices are such...

Praktijk voor yoga, coaching en healing

Heartha is een praktijk voor coaching, yoga en healing in Amsterdam-Oost. Je kunt bij Heartha terecht voor energy healingcoachingsesssies, (privé) yogalessen, bedrijfsyoga én het ‘Beat de burn-out‘ traject.

Onder sommige omstandigheden kan het een hele uitdaging zijn om van jezelf te houden. Een zelfliefde healing laat de liefde van je eigen ziel door je hele systeem doordringen.