Cacao ceremony with Ju..

Please join me and Justina the 27th of october for a heartwarming cacao ceremony & song circle at Thrive yoga! So excited for this event. It is a honour to be able to host a ceremony in such a beautiful, much prayed in place and to have the owner Marco of Thrive joining us!

This cacao ceremony will be place to slow down, realign and connect with our senses and heart. In this linear world we are living, sitting in circle and sharing song, prayer and cacao is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. There are many different ways to do a ceremony...

Feminine force cacao ceremony in Home of Gaia

Come and journey with us into bliss & joy in Amsterdam at Home of Gaia next week!

Experience your heart center to open and connect to your body and feminine sensuality. In this ceremony for women we will create a safe space to re-connect to your heart desires. ?

The cacao will let you connect to your senses and heart. I will guide us in prayer and voice liberation. My sis Jolijn will guide you into your body. Through meditation, easy (breath) practises and dance you will explore your sensuality and femininity.

The ceremony will end with a deep relaxation where you will receive a little head massage with essential oils. ?

Beautiful benefits of the ceremony:

Retreat: Reflective Re..

Do you ( over)think or worry too much and do you want to feel more free and light? Are you not always as confident as you want to be? Are you ready to choose happiness and walk YOUR path? This is the retreat for you.

Mystic Cacao Night

A miracle in time... Nitya and me find ourselves in Amsterdam at the very same moment! (The last time this happened was uhmmm a LONG TIME ago) We welcome you to share in the gifts we brought from...

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